Is Your Wholeness Askew? | unruli

I pulled up behind an older Mercedes today at a stoplight and I realized that the Mercedes symbol, known throughout the world and representative of a triad of wholeness, was askew.

This led me to the question of where my wholeness was askew. I felt an instant sympathy and relation with the askew triad before me at the light, as my life is whole, but not as others may think it should be., and how that effected my view of my innate wholeness.

Where in our lives are we whole but askew?? Where do we not fit in?? And where is the inherent beauty in the not acceptable, not rightness of it all???

What pieces of our own beauty that are not “socially acceptable” are we foregoing?? Our mistakes? Our inherent sensuality, or lack of it? Our ability to show up and create in our own unique and revolutionary ways? Yes, YOU are a revolutionary. Just for showing up and existing. Just for answering the call for “more”.

And yet we apologize. Why?? Why are we afraid of our superpowers?? Why do we shy away from our other-than uniqueness?? Societal expectations? Internal recriminations? Familial binds and bonds??

In Japanese culture there is the concept of kintsugi, which refers to an object of value being broken and then fixed with another, complimentary substance, usually a precious metal. Now, instead of a broken vase, you have something of greater and deeper value because of it’s differences and trials. Just like you. Your bumps and bruises, foibles and idiosyncrasies are your true beauty and power. Not the idea of what we “should be” foisted upon us by our society, our families and friends, and ourselves.

How do we break free and settle into a deep comfort with who we truly are; broken, repaired and perfect?

We settle into an acceptance of our true selves.   We embrace the different and unknown. Not just with others, but inside ourselves. We tell ourselves how unbelievably fabulous we are. To ourselves. In a mirror. Every day. And, we get down to the daily practice of being radically honest with ourselves and others about who we truly are. Cracks and all.