Everything You Want | unruli

For a moment, I can do the impossible. Then I can string those moments together. I can make the world believe, and create the world of my dreams.

Let me start by telling you unequivocally that you can do anything and everything you want. Everything.

Eeek! That might be scary!

A part of you might be saying “yeah right…not me.”

“I can’t”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t have the education”, “I don’t have the skills” ,“I don’t have the time”

Or, you might say “Hell, yeah I can!!”

And, it’s probably somewhere in between.

It’s time to take a look at that part of yourself. Take the time to look at your feelings surrounding this self-sabotage. Your subconscious is like the wizard behind the curtain. It is running the show! Controlling a much larger conscious mind.

Now, it’s going to take learning and effort; no one is able to really excel at much without some time and elbow grease, and there might be things you would like to do, but decide it’s not worth that effort. Totally legit. However, if you have a pattern of that, this is an awesome opportunity to change and do something that

You will make mistakes, and you will fuck up. Big time. We all do. This idea that we have to be perfect and never make mistakes is ridiculous. How would we ever learn??!! However, this is what the majority of women have been socialized to believe, creating a special challenge for women in leadership.  Research shows that men will try something new, applying for a job or starting a business, when they meet only 60% of the qualifications.   Women, statistically will only move forward once they meet 100% of the qualifications. And, this has proven to be true with females of all ages. It’s time to start failing forward. How?

I had a very vivid dream a while back that was poignant for me. I was traveling in a magical land, where grows a special plant that allows you to be your most courageous self. The way it helps your courage, however, is unique. It brings your darkest self to attack you, since you can only have true courage once you face your own darkness. Your saboteur; your hooded, cloaked self. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to face that darkness! Yes, responsibility! You have a responsibility to everyone else on the planet to be the best, most fabulous you you can be! What are the patterns in your life that you keep repeating?

Where are YOU uniquely engineered to go??