When Everything Changes | unruli
When you come back to a place and realize everything has changed. You have changed. No matter how beautiful it may be, no matter how enticing, you have outgrown it. Fundamentally changed and shifted. Even though everything is green and growing, when you really check in, it feels stunted and strained, thin in substance and depth. Small in ability to move forward. Like everything is slightly moldering, slowly rotting in place, able to grow some things, but not others.

Not you. When you are at this place, what choice do you make? Whether it is a business that has run its course, or a relationship that is no longer healthy and nourishing, how do you know when it’s time to step away? How do you know when it’s time to shift, or that you have already shifted? How do you integrate the lessons and move forward, still honoring and keeping the learnings and relationships from that time without getting drawn back in?


Go through the eye….

Look at your fear and be grateful….

Be bold….